• Red parrot
  • Red parrot
  • Red parrot
Red parrot
Height 40cm
Width 100cm
Depth 110cm
Movements 2
Reference 23192
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Red parrot

Red parrot

With its majestic flight, this nice red and blue parrot will bring a colorful touch to your tropical world.

He moves his wings and turns his head.

Size : 110 x 100 x 40 cm

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Quality materials

Made from high-quality materials, this decorative animated figure is reliable and resistant. It's designed to stand a prolonged use, so you can enjoy it for many seasons to come.

Easy to use

The animated figures is easy to set up and use.

You just have to install it into your display window and plug it in. It's now ready to impress passers-by with the emotional impact it creates and the fluidity of its movements.


North America and South America, Asia, Australia, all Europe

Made in France