Big animatronics, pyramids, scenographies & inflatable snowglobe

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Large-scale animatronics, vertical animal pyramids & ready-to-use event scenographies.


Exceptional, durable pieces that are easy to install for your animated setups

Our life-sized or XL-scale animatronic characters are extraordinary & majestic animated decorations designed to impress and move the passersby, enhancing the image of your brand in a memorable & lasting way.

Our moving animals & decoration elements are robust & reliable. All assembly phases are carried out in our workshop, following strict & demanding quality standards, where perfect mastery of the finished product and customer satisfaction guide our entire manufacturing process.

We select the best international manufacturers of faux animal fur and use high-quality mechanical & electronic components originally designed for advanced robotic industry. Our mechanics carefully & precisely assemble these parts, creating mechanically sturdy animal skeletons. The same care is taken by our seamstresses who are dedicated to providing you with plush animatronics of excellence, with impeccable finishes & harmonious accessories.

When you invest in one of our animatronic characters made in our workshop in France, your investment is secure. You benefit from a 2-year warranty within the European Union (parts & labor).

Our delivery system is designed to transport your decorations in optimal & secure conditions. We create, in our carpentry workshop, transport crates to protect our dear companions. Meticulous packaging tailored to each of our models available for sale. We will keep you informed at each new stage of the preparation and shipment of your order. You will have a tracking link associated with your specific carrier to organize all the necessary arrangements in your premises: date, time window & unloading conditions for your animatronics.

If you prefer, when finalizing your order, you can choose to pick up your order yourself at our workshop. This click & collect solution ensures the full exemption from the preparation costs of your order and the serenity related to the responsibility and security of transport. It also provides an opportunity to visit us & share with us our passion for French craftsmanship.


From gigantism with our XL animatronic animals, elevation with our acrobats & pyramids, to expansiveness with our scenographies

Amaze passersby & visitors with our exceptional masterpieces. In this category, we have gathered our most beautiful animated characters and created complete scenographies allowing you to theatrically showcase your storefront or give unparalleled resonance to your events. A sustainable & reusable investment for many occasions.

  • Our big animatronics : include impressive & realistic wild animals, wonderful classical orchestra musicians for creating grand decorative exhibitions, polar bears of phenomenal stature, life-sized Santa Claus to enchant children & entertaining acrobat bears or rabbits to endear your audience & bring joy.

  • Our animated pyramids : especially designed for Christmas, Valentine's Day or Easter, are spectacular with bears, bear cubs & rabbits. These animatronic pyramids literally elevate the crowds and are favored by many shops and seasonal or themed event organizers. The pyramid carries many emotional & evocative symbols in the collective imagination. It invites the viewer to contemplate each animal, each movement from the base to the tip of the arrow. An esthetic attraction that generates a continuous pedestrian flow in front of the establishments receiving these unforgettable and phantasmagorical pieces.

  • Our animatronic complete scenographies : available as ready-to-use packs, definitively anchor your brand or events in the public's memory. Designed by themes, various animal species coexist to offer a dazzling representation. Our scenographies are visually exceptional elements, a true stunning theatricalization for window displays that will astonish crowds. Our animatronic packs cross borders & continents, ensuring a memorable & sensory animated show, enchanting visitors from all backgrounds.

All our animatronic characters & animated decorations are easy to use, plug into a standard power outlet, and have an on/off switch. They can also be connected to timers according to your needs. We have an electrical system park adapted to all countries, their voltage & associated plug standards. Regardless of your location & nationality, we will provide you with a ready-to-use animatronic entirely adapted to your specific needs. 

Contact us for any questions, we will respond you with joy and technical ensures. If you want to create an exclusive scenography, customize or accessorize our large animatronics & animated pyramids, our design & modeling department will be delighted to accompany you in realizing your projects, even the wildest or the most gigantic ones !


Protect your animated decorations from weather conditions & public contact with our inflatable event snow globes

We offer inflatable bubbles for outdoor exhibitions for sale to allow communities & event decorators or visual merchandisers to offer visitors lively & immersive open-air experiences.

Our animatronics available for sale or rental  are designed for indoor use but if they are placed in the heart of outdoor inflatable display cases, they will be perfectly protected from climatic events that could damage their mechanism or their furs.

The other use of these inflatable domes is to partition your decorations within a secure space, preventing the tender public from coming into contact with these precious animated decorations. In fact, the main source of damage to decorative objects essentially comes from visitors. How can you not be tempted to touch at the sight of these adorable animated animals, let yourself be overwhelmed by emotion, cuddle them and be gently rocked through close contact?

However, the delight of your audience will not be disrupted by the total absence of contact since the transparency of our inflatable bubbles will allow them to observe every detail carefully. Our event bubbles are smooth & completely transparent, they allow spectators to indulge in the pleasure of photography or an affectionate souvenir selfie.

The assembly of these presentation bells-shaped structures is easy to install and easy to use. Fully removable, they will allow you to avoid any creation and installation requiring complex or expensive construction. The compact format of our inflatable bells once dismantled will facilitate your storage solution in your technical room, perfectly stored while waiting to be handled again and placed in front of the general public. Strong and reusable, they will constitute a lasting investment for your organization.

Their generic form will allow you to introduce them into all kinds of immersive thematic exhibitions, indoors or outdoors.

In order to satisfy all types of scenographies and animated displays, our catalog includes three sizes of inflatable domes in the shape of a decorative bell. An elegant format which differs from the classic shape on the model of igloos or snow globes in order to give more character and highlight our animatronics or any other festive decoration.

The solidity of our inflatable bells is remarkable. Their weighted concrete base guarantees you an unshakable anchor to the ground and will prevent you from having to deal with any form of damage to your machines. Ideal for securing your investments in extreme windy or rainy weather conditions. The steel support hoops provide optimal resistance to the vertical format of our exhibition bubbles, a durable, environmentally friendly material popular in the world of construction because it is noble and robust.

To perfect the esthetics of our bubbles, a white, refined & neutral background liner is provided. A customizable aluminum base covering available in many colors gives you the freedom to customize this original display case in the name of your brand. You can use this large circumference ornament more specifically to help visitors navigate your immersive journey, affix the name given to the event, the signature of the creator of the decoration or the work respectively exhibited or carry out various & varied advertising campaigns.