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TIGER 4 paws

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Mice bell

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Our animatronic animals on the themes of music, arts & entertainment to create spectacular showcases


Orchestrate your window display decorations like a true maestro with our animals animatronic musicians

Impress passersby and visitors with our complete orchestras of animal musicians. We have created various animated orchestras that trace the history of classical & contemporary music through the ages & cultures, allowing you to transport the crowd into the wonderful world of musical arts.

The musical creation draws inspiration from the sounds and noises that are an integral part of our daily environment. The emotional power of music lulls the history of humanity. Music brings together audiences from all social and cultural backgrounds. It mesmerizes, raves about the audience with its nobility and elevate the soul of listeners and viewers. An allegory of savoir-faire & passion, music is one of the arts that has the most followers. A full-fledged animation, entertainment associated with the world of theater, stage & dance, music merges with all esthetic canons and harmoniously unites with all themes, genres & currents of thought.

Create store window decorations or true living musical scenographies for your events with our various orchestras, combining traditions & cultures from all around the world.

Let's start with our animated chamber orchestra composed of a trio of classical animal animatronic musicians. Their outfits & postures are borrowed from the esthetics of the Florentine & Venetian Renaissance. Genuine handmade & sculptural works of art composed of animal heads shaped in Firenze papier mâché. Our flute-playing giraffe adorned in draped robes, our cello-playing horse & our violin-playing dog in satin stage costumes dressed up with meticulously crafted details form a grand & majestic trio. At the sight of this trio of animated musicians, passersby will be captivated by your storefront decoration and immediately enchanted by your brand. The irresistible desire to discover more and experience an equally immersive adventure once pass through the door of your shop.

Let's stay in the world of classical music with our forest animatronic animals orchestra composed of a trio of musician deer accompanied by a percussionist bear, all led by a talented raccoon conductor. The elk officiates on the rhythmic guitar to precisely give the impetus to the other members of the troupe with its delicate chords. While the deer animates the forest with its melodious arpeggios, the stag intones its pipe solo in noble reed. The evocation of enchanting sylvan sounds that naturally mimic birds & attract wonderful forest fairies to the stage for lively nocturnal dances. Ideal for animating autumnal showcases or creating a fairy & magical music scene in enchanted woods.

Our classical orchestra, composed of a symphonic quartet, rises with nobility on the stage once the theater red curtain is drawn open. The buffalo plays the role of the strict conductor who leads his musicians with precision. On the violin, the rhinoceros executes his first solo masterfully, accompanied by his accomplice, the walrus, who assists by ensuring the rhythmic foundations of their composition with his sousaphone. A true incantatory musical flight where the elegant flute-playing giraffe and the hippopotamus cellist come to perfect this lyrical melody.

On a completely different and more contemporary fun style, our bears Leo & Leon enter the scene and act as a fanfare, jazz band, or even a Hawaiian orchestra in your animated window displays. They have already brightened up numerous famous themed events like the wonderful Christmas Village of Barcarès and the splendid Walloon zoological park of Pairi Daiza, repeatedly voted the best zoo in Europe.

Downtown animation, exceptional entertainment for brands, our musician bears and the entire catalog of animals animatronic orchestras flood retailed spaces and big cities for the holiday season and are fully accessorized upon request.

Specific instruments, original representative movements, choreographed or combined, microphones & costumes can be modified and exclusively custom designed. Contact us for any customization requests; we will be able to satisfy you and answer all your technical questions.


All our animatronic characters on stage for a clever & fabulous representation of the circus arts

What could be more fabulous than the circus world to fill your eyes with stars and welcome your clientele in a spectacular way? Our automatons will animate your storefront spaces in a prodigious and fanciful way. They will entertain passersby and make them dream or fallback into their childhood with their costumes and spectacular movements. The Animate Factory Circus Show opens its doors to you!

The circus is at the crossroads of the real and the imaginary worlds; it is one of the first family outings offered to children where fun & joy reign. A true popular cultural heritage with an international scope where everyone gathers, taked breath away with imaginative and extraordinary performances defying the laws of possibility.

At the mere sight of the traditional circus tent with sweet red & white colors, the hearts of young and old sway, and the emotion grows. Once past the entrance, a magical and sublime microcosm unfolds before the spectators. Sumptuous choreographed lighting games to festive rhythmic music and sweet characteristic scents immediately transport the audience. Candies, windmills, hundreds of pennants, and the announcement of a colorful program. Welcome to the incredible world of the circus!

The ringmaster introduces his troupe of artists. Clowns play mimes, entertain spectators with their juggling numbers, and model beautiful balloons for children with grimaces and burlesque mimics in the background. Then come the sensational acrobats, tightrope walkers, and balance artists, trapeze artists floating in the air and strange & magical acts. Flaming hoops, giant rainbow soap bubbles and enchanting mists to see the equestrian acts or the wils animals accompanied by their unflappable tamer.

At the Animate Factory circus, animals take over the big top! Top hats are a must and mice animate the stage in their miniature costumes with ruffles. Leo, disguised as a cat, busies himself to perform a daring impromptu juggling act while Leon occupies the stands to offer his adorable windmills to the children.

And what about coordinating our bears orchestra and their instruments to liven up the scene? Leo and Leon become musicians, a masterful orchestration where drums, tambourines, guitars, accordions and saxophones will animate the circus games. Our baroque unicorn can also blend into this incredible and surprising universe, like a marvelous horse transformed into a legendary creature of the imagination, adorned with its sumptuous flowers and ostrich feathers.

Lions, tigers, and elephants enter the arena to impress the crowd; the platform freezes, the beasts roar. The elephant treads heavily on the stage, each of its steps resonates as this mastodon mingles with the acrobats. And how strange is this fantastical stork that surprises and mesmerizes the spectators with its magic act! Between amazement & delight, the public will flock to the front of your window display to observe this lovely show that will arouse curiosity and bring many customers to push the door of your store to discover its numerous treasures.

Many other of our animatronic animals can take part in the performance or be accessorized upon request to help you create wonderful and particularly grand scenes. Leo or Leon can take on the role of the ringmaster, tamer, acrobats, or dancers : tailcoats, top hats, circus costumes, and accessories to perfect your scenography.

Your imagination is limitless; have you laid the foundations of an animated tableau? Our research and modeling department will be delighted to assist you in the exclusive creation of your storefront or circus themed events. 


Animatronic limited collections, a tribute to Baroque Art & Pop Art to stand out and create unique decors

Break away from the beaten path and offer astonishing window displays to your visitors with our timeless collections paying homage to the most unusual artistic movements and trends in History.

To bring contrast to your storefront and animated displays, we wanted to highlight Pop Art Culture. We have redesigned our iconic bears in relaxed positions & movements, choosing the representative and dominant colors of Pop Art. Vibrant hues of blue, red & yellow to significantly contrast with the realistic tones of animal furs.

These colors can find their place in a wide variety of themes. Red and deep blue, respectively warm & cool colors, can illustrate polar or festive Christmas & holiday season. Yellow, on the other hand, is a sunny & refreshing color, dynamic and associated with joy and good humor. The interest is twofold, linking the practical to pleasant symbolism, as the powerful and luminous yellow is the most perceptible color in an extended field of vision, such as that of big shopping streets.

The world of Baroque Art is characterized by its preciousness and uniqueness, laden with manifest and distinct ornaments that pad and crown the space with intoxicating beauty. Both curious, irregular, and esthetically excessive, our Baroque Opera universe is feminine and floral. An Ode to the delicacy and elegance of nature, its fauna, and flora. We have chosen a range of soft or bolder tones of pink, adding occasional touches of innocence and spring-like yellow to bring softness to these extravagant works.

Our limited edition of Baroque Opera was created in collaboration with Nature Sacrée, a duo of enchanting creators & decorators with a floral, bucolic and quirky particular universe. Our Baroque animatronic characters will bring a touch of atypical poetry to your decor that will specifically resonate with the feminine audience. Ideal for influencing customer visits during Mother's or Grandmother's Day, within stores specializing in selling products for women during the spring season, Valentine's Day, or to clearly distinguish yourself from traditional Christmas window themes.