Winter theme animatronics, ski vacations & Valentine's Day

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The magic of winter animatronic animals for an attractive animated decor & highlight your brand


Between magic & fascination: the beauty of a winter landscape wildlife to capture the public's attention

What could be more magical and transcendent than a winter landscape to transport customers and visitors into an enchanting universe ! Snow takes on the symbolism of an exceptional figurative beauty in the collective imagination. For adults and children alike, the snow offers moments of suspended contemplation and fun family games. The lightness of the snowflakes fluttering in the wind, the soft glow of a fireplace accompanied by cupcakes and hot chocolate.

The extreme cold invites itself into your window displays in white, woody & iridescent tones, like a sweet white crystalline dream which paradoxically warms hearts.

To decorate your winter storefronts and your themed attractions & events, we have created many models of polar bear animatronics. We have the largest collection of animated polar bears and cubs available for sale in France and around the world.

Every year, our bears from the Far North decorate a host of windows of major brands, exhibitions, event fairs, Christmas markets and theme or amusement parks. The realism of their fur and their movements have greatly contributed to our international reputation as the largest European manufacturer of decorative animatronics. The experience becomes immersive for customers at the sight of these decor elements that are authentic, original & extraordinary.

We also provide you with an entire universe dedicated to the North Pole with a family of Eskimos illustrating the daily life of the people of the ice floes as well as a fabulous bestiary of ice floe animatronic animals.

Sea lions, seals, Husky dogs, penguins & their young, white foxes and a sensational Siberian white tiger will all be exceptional entertainment for your decor. You can also enjoy our collection of white deer family to complete the scene in a very precious & magical way.

In the gardens of our homes, there is no snow without traditional snowmen made and accessorized by the family. These happy ephemeral winter characters literally immerse passersby in pleasant memories linked to the memory of childhood and past winters. Discover or entire Snowman family ! For children, they symbolize joy and a whole wonderful and fantastic register of end-of-year celebrations in children's literature.


Energetic & fun animatronics on the theme of winter sports holidays in the mountains

Our joyful animatronic animals on the theme of winter sports and the mountains are causing a sensation among the major players in mountain tourism, in the windows of storekeepers and local or artisanal producers, hotels and restaurants establishments and atypical tourist attractions of the most major ski resorts in France and internationally. They are also present in big cities for the Christmas holidays and in the largest window displays of our beautiful Parisian capital to represent the snowy season.

Against a background of soft snowy white coat, our animatonics captivate the crowd, transporting spectators and vacationers into a captivating universe where the pleasure of games and fun dominate the scene.

Our bears and small mountain animals have a blast during their stay in the mountains ! On the program: board sports and snowball fights, walks with wonderful sled dogs, hiking, tobogganing and relaxation on the terraces of high-altitude restaurants while sitting in their deckchairs.

Our bear cubs begin their training at the ski school, still hesitant, equipped and with their bibs and protective helmets. While the little ones are taking their first turns, our big bears are hurtling down the slopes equipped with their skis and snowboards.

Sunglasses and snow sports masks, anoraks, down jackets, knitted winter sweaters with repeated patterns, hats & scarves... No accessory is missing to illustrate the freshness of sunny ski areas !

Some of our bears practice high-level skiing, rushing and racing down the slopes, while others indulge in freestyle. Obviously, tumbles are essential to soften your audience and bring joy to your scenographies.

Woodchucks also test their liveliness & balance, these adorable little mountain animals will embellish your animated scene and enrich your mountain landscape. It is very rare to be able to observe these rodents of the alpine meadows so closely ! Their incomparable face will touch spectators in the middle of your window displays and will playfully invite them to live an immersive experience & discover your brand products.


Valentine's Day: illustrating beauty & love with our romantic animatronics

Winter is also the season for lovers with Valentine's Day in February ! Brighten up your store for lovers celebration and attract customers looking for exceptional gifts to give to their loved one.

Our majestic swans will wonderfully symbolize faithful and unconditional love in your window decorations. Did you know ? The swan is said to fall in love only once in its life, thereby embodying the beauty of romantic commitment.

Our extraordinary baroque style and flowery unicorns will represent an ideal of beauty, a symbol of faith and innocence of History and the Renaissance.

A pair of doves in love will also suggest to your customers the purity of the feeling of love. A symbol of peace and love, the dove has been associated since Antiquity with the presence of the divine and the symbolism of the feeling of love.

Our bears Leonard and Leonardo will liven up the scene with tenderness, presenting their gifts, a true testimony of love with these adorable bears that we often candidly offer to our sweetheart.

For more vertical and extraordinary window displays, we also redesigned our famous animated teddy bears pyramid for Valentine's Day. For this celebration, our little white bears are decorated with hearts & gifts.