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€82.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 37cm
L. 26cm
P. 65cm
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€124.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 75cm
L. 40cm
P. 55cm
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€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 40cm
L. 25cm
P. 25cm
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€59.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 27cm
L. 15cm
P. 25cm
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€104.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 70cm
L. 40cm
P. 105cm
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Create realistic window displays & event decorations with our true than life animatronic animals


Animated visual merchandising increases your sales : the movements of our animatronics catch the eye

Have you exhausted your stock of creative window design ideas and are looking for an effective lever to capture the public's attention and boost your brand's sales figures ? Our mechanical & electronic animals are wonderful marketing tools to get passersby to park in front of your storefronts to discover your retail offers.

In addition to having this incredible power to attract prospects, our realistic animatronics and their animated mechanisms are simple to use and easy to install. In fact, you just need to plug them in to see them move around your window displays or sales areas continuously.

Our animatronic animals adapt perfectly to the configurations of the space in which they are installed. We have a large catalog of animals of all sizes ranging from small rodents to savannah animals and tropical species or life-sized polar bears & many other animals from farm, forest or our adorable cats, lovely dogs & flying birds.

Give free rein to your ingenuity and fantasy by installing our animated characters within a plant background or by simply adapting the light of your store and its orientation to create an eyes focal point. Arrange our machines to promote the products you want to highlight and create a narrative, familiar & touching display that will charm the greatest number of potential customers.

We give you the freedom to adapt our animatronics, change their outfit or accessorize them according to your desires & needs. The windows of the Printemps department store brand, for example, featured our dog animatronics to display winter ready-to-wear accessories in a fun and original way. More intimate points of sale regularly choose to rent the same references of animals, marmots & bears or others, to make them real seasonal mascots for major periods and annual occasions like Christmas, Easter or even sales.

Timeless and able to illustrate the four seasons or multiple themes, you can use our realistic stuffed animals available for rental for a period of 3 to 6 weeks depending on the annual calendar. An economical, profitable & practical implementation strategy to regularly renew the decors you wish to plan.

Choose your rental start & end dates then select your machines according to our availability updated in real time to reserve directly online our dear and sweet companions who will undoubtedly amaze & bring joy to young and old alike.


Realistic animatronic animals : animated window decorations with unforgettable emotional power

Animals have an inimitable power : that of touching spectators in the heart, moving them and reminding them of many pleasant memories.

On the one hand, the movements of our realistic animals are naturally eye-catching and their coats evoke childhood stuffed animal softness, comfort & familiarity.

On the other hand, animated showcases are rare and memorable, they provide a neat and refined brand image that spectators are fond of and talk about. Word of mouth, knowledge of the existence of your brand and increasing its notoriety through photos and videos published on social networks, there are numerous distribution channels to effectively promote your store and make it discovered in a friendly way by the bias of the animal figure.

Seasonal window displays animation, whether formalized by the presence of a mannequin or an animatronic character, increases the perception of the informational nature of your proposition of products available for sale. An effective & highly sensory way to denote real commitment and a hedonistic attitude towards your brand, its products and its warm and friendly behavioral intentions as part of the welcome and experience within the compagny.

Energize your storefronts or create immersive experiences to develop your sales and give more visibility to your products while strengthening your brand image and visual identity. Our charming, silent salespeople will address customers, arouse the desire to purchase among passersby and bring more potential customers to your store.

Your window displays scenery is the first impression that customers will have of your business, it greatly influences their purchasing decision. Amaze your customers and easily create an enchanted and cheerful atmosphere within your establishment.

By choosing our realistic animatronic animals for decoration, you will create a real visual spectacle that invites you to dream and contemplate.