Rental Pets Animatronics, Chiefs & Food Lovers

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€95.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 50cm
L. 45cm
P. 45cm
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€104.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 70cm
L. 40cm
P. 105cm
  • Rental


€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 50cm
L. 22cm
P. 30cm
  • Rental


€117.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 75cm
L. 25cm
P. 55cm
  • Rental


€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 24cm
L. 17cm
P. 48cm
  • Rental


€95.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 40cm
L. 30cm
P. 45cm
  • Rental
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Rent decorative animatronics characters to energize your windows on the themes of lifestyle & pets


Pet and indoor animatronic animals to represent family life and the symbolism of comfort at home

Faithful companions in our lives and our homes, dogs, cats and birds inspire adoration and tenderness.

Including our animated four-legged friends in your store window displays decorations will arouse the curiosity of passersby, captivated by their gentle and pleasant movements.

Whether you are a lover of dogs, their boundless energy that is sometimes clumsy, or a lover of cats and their independent character, we have created several animatronic figures of diverse and varied breeds to put them in the spotlight within your brands in order to move and touch your target audience right in the heart.

Businesses or services focused on housing, furniture and interior decoration stores or even ready-to-wear brands rent our mechanical animals dogs and cats to bring an original, reassuring and realistic touch to their storefronts.

Enigmatic black cat, majestic Persian cat accompanied by its kittens or even alley cat, loyal Golden Retriever, fiery Border Collie, clumsy mountain Saint Bernard, energetic fox terriers and hunting dogs such as our Beagle or our Saint Hubert will know how to fascinate an audience ever-increasing support for pets.

Our adorable and precious little Westie dog was also customized with a jewelry collar by the great fashion designer Chantal Thomass during her themed exhibition at the Grand Noël 2023 at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. A real pride for our company !


Gourmands, cooks and artisans : our animatronic animals illustrating the excellent know-how of the culinary professions

The uniqueness of a brand's window display arouses the interest of customers, allowing you to create a selection of seasonal products or to showcase the authenticity of your artisanal talent.

Energizing your window decor with the help of our gourmet animatronic characters on the theme of pastry, our chefs, our adorable gluttonous rodents or even our Easter bunnies and chocolate makers will allow you to create a welcoming and welcoming focal point. warm.

A charming and original way to invite passersby to come and discover the creative wonders and delicacies concocted in your pastry laboratory or chocolate factory!

Whether you are a restaurant, a bakery or you run a delicatessen offering local or regional products, our animals will help you attract customers looking for sweet and savory delights.

On request, we can help you personalize our machines to allow you to display your own goods and have the possibility of making them lively and attractive.

We can also offer you other accessories than those visible on our animatronics to dramatize your activity and highlight your specific culinary skills.