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Westie Dog

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Buy our animatronic decorations to showcase your window displays and seasonal, holiday or thematic event exhibitions


The decoration and animation of a storefront or an event exhibition space are fundamental levers to act on the curiosity and senses of your audience, create an immersive experience & develop the attachment of your customers for your brand. Window displays reinforce brand identity, perception and evaluation of the point of sale by passersby & establish an emotional connection with customers, thus encouraging them to choose one store over another to make their purchases.

Incorporating our animatronic characters into your dedicated spaces will allow you to theme and dramatize the presentation of your experiential or commercial offer in a highly narrative & creative way.

A magical visual merchandising strategy to boost your establishment with originality, simplicity & efficiency.


The wonderful powers of animatronics for your decorations : a magical marketing & merchandising strategy to attract visitors and leave a memorable experience

Our animatronics are authentic and fascinating decorative elements that contribute to the history of popular culture. They are in fact, with a pride of place, in the great tradition of window displays decoration of department stores which goes back several centuries.

Displayed in your storefronts, even in a busy street, our animatronics have the power to captivate the attention of passersby thanks to their attractive movements which are particularly effective in catching the eye. They arouse the astonishment of pedestrians who stop to look at your store. Attention is then automatically transferred to your brand and your products available for sale.

Our animated animals and characters have universal appeal and trigger positive emotions in people of all ages. Their presence helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that arouses amusement and wonder in spectators. Evocative of childhood memories for some, of celebration for others, symbolism of nature and life or even escape and enchantment ; our machines leave no one indifferent !

Time is suspended, your offer is dramatized and highlighted. They bring your window displays to life, creating a dynamic and lively, festive and joyful environment. Your brand then becomes an attraction in its own right and stands out considerably from the competition. The animation of your storefront will increase pedestrian traffic, transforming into a real street animation full of fantasy.

As seductive as it is attractive, your animated window will have a poetic apostrophe effect, like a gentle invitation to walk through the door of your store. The charm will then operate quite naturally thanks to the welcome you will be able to give to consumers who have visited your point of sale.

In addition to increasing your store visits and your turnover, our mechanical animals are excellent advertising levers via word of mouth and media sharing on social networks. The attachment to your brand and your brand image will be underlined by your customers who will appreciate all the aesthetics, the creative investment & the artistic efforts of the design of your storefront.


The largest catalog of animated decorations available online : energize your brands & attract new customers during annual shopping highlights


We are the first animatronics manufacturers in Europe to offer a completely solution for direct purchasing on the web for individuals and professionals.

With a catalog of more than 400 references dedicated to all themes, seasons and highlights of in-store sales, we are also one of the largest hand-made animatronics manufacturing workshops in the world.

To date, we have the largest collection of brown and white bears and cubs and polar bears and cubs. Our largest polar bear animatronic also measures more than 3 meters in height !

Our mascots, as you will certainly have guessed by looking at our logo, are teddy bear animatronics. We have several registered models : our bears Léo and Léon and their cubs Léonard and Léonardo. You will find them available in each category of our catalog, their popularity and their great adaptability lending them to be staged for all types of events, seasons & themes.

A magical and incredible universe is available to you to create festive and fantastic atmospheres for your events and your window displays.

Our varied collections make it possible to cover the annual calendar of sales highlights using our animatronic animals, by theme or according to seasonality :


Commitments to quality, sustainability & customer service : we are here to support you, model, personalize & maintain your decorative animatronics

Our animatronics are modeled & manufactured by hand in our workshop in France. We favor vertical integration of our manufacturing process in order to meet the requirements of our customers specifications and provide a unique & prestigious service.

We use high-quality mechanical and motor parts intended for the robotics industry to guarantee the longevity of your investment and animatronics designed to operate continuously, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We select high-quality, realistic synthetic furs of the range among the best suppliers in the world. Guarantors of environmental protection, we promote the integration of robust materials, most of which come from sustainable development.

Our mechanics and seamstresses carry out meticulous work with impeccable finishes. The assembly phases of our mechanical skeletons and their stuffing are carried out with the greatest care. The furs are then finished, a meticulous work requiring exceptional know-how. The same goes for our accessories which are selected with particular attention.

In order to satisfy our international customers, we have a fleet of electrical connections adapted to all the standards in force in each country around the world. We therefore export our machines to all continents, complying with all the specific, functional and technical characteristics specific to your nationality.

All our animatronics characters are tested in our warehouse over a continuous period of several days and nights, they also pass a series of performance tests. We package your machines ourselves for delivery in secure containers specifically designed for each reference.

Upon receipt of our dear companions, all you have to do is install them in the desired location and plug them in to enjoy their gentle movements and let the charm work for your target audience.


They trust us and use our decoration animatronics to liven up their brands, establishments & exhibition spaces all year round

  • Arts departments
  • Event organizers
  • Luxury Homes & Department Stores
  • Ready-to-wear brands
  • Large retail stores
  • Toy and childcare stores
  • Event & marketing agencies
  • Decorators
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Tourist attraction managers
  • Tourist offices
  • Themed Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Retail businesses
  • Local artisans & producers
  • Pastry chefs and chocolate makers
  • Florists, garden centers and nurseries
  • Cities & Associations
  • Cultural events services
  • Festival-goers
  • Theme parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Zoos & animal parks
  • Cinemas & Theaters
  • Performance & exhibition halls


For any request for specific technical or aesthetic information or personalization of your order, we are at your disposal by telephone or our contact form.