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Celebrate Christmas with our window displays animatronics, energize your brand with charm & offer your customers a memorable show


The Christmas season is decisive for the sustainability of your business, crucial for most companies, artisans and local producers around the world.

To make their end-of-year holiday purchases, consumers' budgets are such that many brands make more than half of their annual turnover during this period alone.

Competition is tough in the main streets lit up and adorned with their holiday decorations, even tougher when in 2023, more than half of buyers say they make their purchases on the internet websites where competitive prices undermines well-established businesses.

There is only one solution available to you to stand out and leave a lasting mark on your notoriety and build the loyalty of a larger customer base : amaze consumers with a visible & attractive window display over a wide area in order to create a focal point for the products available for sale within your stores.

Taking care of your store window decoration and developing splendid interactive and immersive displays oscillating between charm, innovation and while retaining the traditional figure of the Christmas spirit will be your best asset to make passersby stop and captivate the crowd of walkers in order to attract them to your sales area & transform them into customers.


Our Christmas animatronics have amazed passersby in shopping streets and themed events since 1992

Our seasonal animatronic animals are fabulous animated visual merchandising tools that have the power to bring joy & emotion to the audience.

Unlike dynamic window displays on screens and digital billboards, our mechanical and electronic animals are exceptional centerpieces handcrafted in our workshop in France and are anchored in the traditional and authentic spirit of Christmas.

Did you know ? They consume less energy than screens, promoting a more ecological and sustainable approach for your brand. When a panel has an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years, our stuffed animatronics are designed for a minimum lifespan of 10 years, which will be doubled if your machine is maintained regularly.

To support you, we have various and varied maintenance services available in our workshop : parts and labor, accessorization, cleaning, replacement of components or furring, repair, complete overhaul.

We use mechanical and electronic materials designed for the cutting-edge robotics industry and our motors are selected from the best manufacturers to guarantee prolonged use as well as continuous use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using our Christmas animatronics, you can animate your stores day and night as you wish and benefit from their gentle movements to delight passersby without interruption.

They blend perfectly into all types of decor and are powerful advertising and promotional tools that will propel your brand onto the publications of Internet users who are fond of sharing photos and short videos on social networks.

Using our animatronic characters is easy to use, you simply need to plug them into a mains socket. We have a large electric fleet adapted to each country in the world. Depending on your nationality and your electrical specificities, we will take care to provide you with an animatronic figure with entirely compatible components and electrical connections.


The extraordinary powers of animatronics & dynamic scenes : our customers testify to their satisfaction and the increase in their turnover

Local shops, hotel & restaurant sectors, craftsmen, establishments open to the public, communities, exhibition venues, theme parks, event organizers, television shows (...) our animatronic characters are placed every year on center stage by all types of actors and producers, from the smallest companies to large groups and in the Parisian Christmas window displays of department stores.

Our customers all express complete satisfaction with our animatronics. As soon as they are placed in their storefronts, curiosity is aroused and new customers are attracted naturally using these experiential and sensory marketing machines.

A warm and welcoming brand, with a moving focal point and other merchandising layout parameters, naturally generates an increase in pedestrian flow in front of a store. You will convey an attractive and endearing message to your customers, a strong commitment to your brand awareness, attracting numerous prospects and visitors to convert within your point of sale.

Join the wide range of companies and all sectors of activity that have already used our services !

Boost the attractiveness of your exhibition area, attract customers and enhance your establishment or your immersive experience with our Christmas-themed or winter-themed animatronics to improve your performance and increase your sales volume.


The largest catalog of Christmas animatronics and animals in Europe to create decorations adapted to all sizes of plans & structures

With more than 30 years of activity and the creation of several registered models, we are proud to present to you more than 200 references of Christmas and winter animated decorations including diverse & varied magical themes which will allow you to consider multiple enchanting sceneries.

Whether you have a small exhibition space or a considerable surface area both horizontally & vertically, our multifaceted offer will satisfy all the constraints of your establishment.

Our seasonal animatronics will take place within your decoration planning on the modern or traditional Christmas theme, the development of conventional or more unusual scenes, the refined Nordic style arrangement or a more busy exhibition imbued with excess.

Our entire catalog is organized into categories and subcategories in order to segment the major themes that animate and punctuate the sublime and recreational Christmas season :

  • Our Santa Claus & elves animatronics : available in several models with various accessories and positions. Their fluid and realistic movements and their variety will allow you to design Santa's workshop or represent the delivery of gifts with the famous sleigh and its reindeer.
  • Our Christmas-themed bears & cubs : an adorable, childish and universal figure that appeals to adults and children. Our white and brown bears and their cubs, accessorized with gifts, sacks, festive outfits and Christmas decorations, are popular with many communities and brands every year.
  • The Christmas bear pyramids : sublime vertical and impressive works chosen by event professionals, decorators and big department stores. Synchronized movements that seduce spectators and amaze children.
  • Our winter reindeer and deer: attractive and enchanting, these animals embody gentleness and discretion. These kings of the forests and their large branched woods create an enchanting and bright winter climate. Deer, does and fawns in realistic natural colors or white for a more magical and fantastic visual.
  • Our little Christmas animals : they are the privileged members of many store window displays. Their small size and adorable furs will allow you to imagine all the fantasies. Marmots and other rodents, white foxes, little penguins and pets will be wonderful welcoming guests to welcome your customers.
  • Polar bears and cubs : imposing, fascinating and deeply touching, they will be sublime focal points for suspended moments against a backdrop of icy and white Christmas-themed decor. Our largest polar bear measures over 3 meters in height to impress your visitors.
  • Snowmen : playful and smiling, they symbolize winter games, christmas spirit & joy and childhood with the family.


We are at your entire disposal to respond to your requests for information, accessorization or customization by telephone or by email via our contact form.