Spring, Easter & Summer Animatronic Animals

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Celebrate the return of beautiful days with our animatronic animals for spring, Easter, and summer storefronts.


Immerse yourself into the joyful world of our collection of animatronic figures and characters dedicated to the spring & summer seasons. You'll find a vast selection of animatonic animals symbolizing the innocence and vitality rediscovered with the announcement of sunny days. A colorful visual experience where each animatronic decoration tells a unique story, sparking imagination and commemorating life in all its forms.

Farm animals, forest creatures, garden animals or Easter animals will shine in your springtime plant-filled displays, evoking the rebirth of nature and the joyful celebration of Easter. As for exotic or wild animals and our mascots Leo and Leon in sailor or Hawaiian outfits, they will take their place in your summer window displays to announce the arrival of vacations.

Bring a breath of fresh life to passersby with vibrant and immersive window displays, where the serene harmony of flourishing gardens and untamed nature adds a touch of magic and dynamism to your storefronts, capturing attention and enticing shoppers. Transport your clientele instantly to paradisiacal destinations and distant lands. Seaside relaxation and lazy days on the beach, African safaris in the savannah, or journeys into the equatorial jungle where lush flora conceals fascinating exotic animals.


Celebrate spring playfully with a wild of change and vitality

Spring will come to life in your shops with our collections of woodland and countryside animatronic animals. Their movements and adorable, highly realistic furs remind consumers of the vibrant and revitalizing energy of this iconic season, symbolized by the awakening of fauna and flora.

Hedgehogs, birds, squirrels, and other small rodents emerge from hibernation in search of food and brightness, offering an adorable miniature ballet. Playful rabbits and frolicking hares hop amidst budding fields and forests. Foxes make incessant trips in the undergrowth, eagerly preparing for the arrival of their little fox cubs. Otters line the riverbanks, hunting silvery fish to feed their mischievous otter pups.

Colorful, contrasting and pastel shades will create an aesthetic full of sweetness and joy, reminiscent of the tender and peaceful palette of spring's new flowers.


The symbolic animals of Easter : our baby animals, rabbits, hens, and chicks

Our Easter animatronics collection draws inspiration from the traditional symbols of this pagan and Christian celebration. Pedestrians stroll through shopping streets in search of seasonal delicacies, bucolic flowers, and delicious chocolates to share with loved ones during the traditional Easter meal. A prosperous period for shops, which can take advantage of our animated window animatronics to create adorable thematic scenes. Stand out from your competitors and inspire customers looking for high-quality artisanal products, vibrant flowers, or cultural items to give as gifts.

Hens and chicks animatronics, just hatched from their eggs, symbolize new life, the Resurrection of Christ, and the victory of Eros over the frugality of winter. Sheep and lambs, symbols of innocence, will bring serenity and a touch of angelic softness to your visual representations. Animated birds will also contribute to this poetic pastoral dimension, evoking the regained lightness and freedom.

What would this celebration be without its iconic Easter rabbits animatronics, portrayed realistically or in a more entertaining manner with our range of rabbits Jean, Lapinou, Caramel, and Caramelou ? These joyful companions with varied movements allow you to create sublime narrative scenes dedicated to the Easter egg hunt or little children's stories with a backdrop of greenery.

Touches of delicate shades of pink, blue, and green will create an enchanted atmosphere, contrasting with the pasture grass, capturing the essence of the Easter celebration.


Everyone to the garden : nature and outdoor activities

The garden theme will come to life with our charming beekeepers and gardeners animatronic animals harvesting honey from bees, cultivating vegetables from the garden, and picking perennial flowers. A peaceful atmosphere, inviting contemplation and connection with the environment, water, earth, and sun.

On the program : a nap in the wheelbarrow for some, garden maintenance for others, and harvesting carrots or flowers with a myriad of scents. Our bear and rabbit mechanical animals, dressed in their aprons, rubber boots, hats, and gardening tools, work together to restore the garden to its full splendor.

Here, a few moments of rest on a lounge chair in the shade of a fruit tree, contemplating the gentle movement of windmills ; there, entertainment, games of hide-and-seek, leapfrog, acrobatic performances or a backdrop of beautiful and large soap bubbles.

However, beware of squirrels and hedgehogs, these little budding thieves might take advantage of the game by snatching some early strawberries or young shoots!


Summer adventures by the sea and departure for exotic destinations

The high season manifests itself with its playful dimension and radiant, almost exuberant energy dedicated to vacations and relaxation. Many events animate cities, seaside resorts, amusement parks, and tourist attractions. Concerts and shows, bustling terraces of cafes and restaurants, music festivals or National Day of the United States, France, and Belgium. The animations are sunny, orchestrations grandiose, and fireworks enchant crowds with their dazzling lights.

To evoke the delights of summer and the long-awaited departure for summer vacations, we have created several series of animatronic figures & characters that will transport spectators into animated adventures embodying the lively and "playful" spirit of summer.

Our bears transform into sailors or fishermen, and the laughing seagulls take flight to represent the seaside universe. Surfer bears, bathers, or Hawaiian orchestras will offer the public a moment of escape. The sweet dream of enjoying a cool ice cream under a parasol, building sandcastles, light beach attire, loincloths, tropical flower necklaces, and straw hats will be references representing unforgettable vacations.

With our sculptural animatronic range of wild and exotic animals, you will transport your clients on a journey to distant lands. Our big wild cats, majestic elephants, playful monkeys, and brightly colored tropical birds will allow you to create scenes where fauna and flora abound, suggesting the beauty and richness of biodiversity.