Winter Animatronics

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€82.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 37cm
L. 26cm
P. 65cm
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€124.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 75cm
L. 40cm
P. 55cm
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€104.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 70cm
L. 40cm
P. 105cm
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€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 40cm
L. 25cm
P. 25cm
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€131.00 -20% €104.80 incl. taxes / week
H. 80cm
L. 50cm
P. 85cm
  • Rental
  • -20%
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Offer your clientele a true enchanting tale : the magic of winter comes to life through our animatronics of animals & eskimos of the ice floe


Intended for decoration and event professionals or brands with a physical store or reception hall, our animated decorations captivate the senses and create a unique & memorable experience. Our stuffed animatronic animals capture the imagination and evoke the spirit of winter in a striking way. Whether you are a retail store, craftsman, restaurateur or compagny in the hotel and catering, by renting our mechanical animals, you will be able to easily design a decoration for the winter season which will bring a touch of charm and enchantment to your window displays and spaces receiving audience.

Imagine a storefront transformed into a captivating landscape, where creatures from the North Pole come to life before the amazed eyes of your customers. White foxes, deer or wonderful, mischievous white wolves sneak between the snow-covered trees, majestic polar bears stand proudly on their paws or observe visitors, while eskimos bustle through scenes of daily life through the sparkling snow.

Do you want to attract tourists to your attraction in the middle of ski areas or feature mountain holidays in your hotel or restaurant ? We have created a specific collection on the theme of winter sports : our animatronics dressed as skiers and our typical animals of the mountain environment will be real sources of entertainment which will create a large-scale pedestrian flow. Marmots, bears, huskies, sleds, skis, snowboards and a whole range of fun and realistic accessories.

For Valentine's Day, our selection of love-themed animatronics will appeal to customers looking for gifts for their loved one.


What makes our offer unique : our online rental service. We are currently the only animatronic manufacturers to offer this dematerialized and transparent option, providing you with a practical & economical offer for professionals wishing to regularly renew their window decoration. With our wide range of winter animals and decor, you can choose from a multitude of sceneries to attract passersby and customers throughout the winter period.

Using animatronics characters in your window displays offers many advantages. Not only do they attract the attention of passersby with their adorable appearance & realistic movements, but they also create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that entices customers to enter and explore your establishment to discover the many treasures available at disposal purchase.

Our rental animatronics are also a versatile solution for all types of events & celebrations. Whether you want to decorate your store for the end-of-year holidays, organize a special event or simply add a touch of magic and joy to your commercial space, our animated animals are an ideal, authentic & intergenerational solution. Their fluffy and charming appearance will appeal to all audiences, from children to adults, and will add a unique dimension to your establishment.

To facilitate access to our animatronic figures, we have set up a simple & practical online rental process, where prices are clear and transparent based on periodicity and seasonality. You can easily browse our catalog, choose the decors that match your vision and reserve them in just a few clicks. Our team will take care of entrusting your order to a trusted carrier who will give you a defined appointment to receive your machines, allowing you to concentrate on your activity without additional hassle.

Whether you opt for an animated scenography with several animatronics or a more minimalist setting highlighting the beauty of winter, you will create lasting memories. Transform your window displays into a true winterland spectacle and make your brand a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the magic of winter.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make your point of sale or thematic exhibition even more brilliant & memorable. Order our decoration machines now and prepare to amaze your customers with a unique, unforgettable experience !