Spring, Easter & Summer Animatronic Animals

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€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 40cm
L. 25cm
P. 25cm
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€98.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 50cm
L. 34cm
P. 50cm
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€59.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 27cm
L. 15cm
P. 25cm
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€145.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 78cm
L. 78cm
P. 45cm
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€100.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 65cm
L. 60cm
P. 34cm
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€79.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 45cm
L. 34cm
P. 60cm
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€115.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 26cm
L. 18cm
P. 43cm
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€98.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 45cm
L. 50cm
P. 45cm
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€98.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 56cm
L. 60cm
P. 37cm
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Rent your window displays animatronics directly on our site and animate your stores & events for the spring, Easter & summer seasons


Our entire catalog of animatronic characters available for rental during the summer and high season is open for a minimum reservation period of 3 weeks. Actually, rentals are only available in Belgium & France.

To check our availability in real time, nothing could be easier ! All you need to do is select a start and end date for the rental period from our dedicated tool at the top of each rental category. Once this setting has been made, you will have the entire rental catalog and prices freely accessible with the dates relating to your needs.


Create wonderful, unique plant storefronts & exhibitions decorations using our spring & Easter animatronic animals

Bring joy to passersby as well as to your customers as soon as the first rays of the spring sun return. The sky lights up, the fauna and flora slowly wake up, the hibernators come out of their cozy hiding places while the trees bud and the first perennial flowers emerge from the ground, adorned with a beautiful morning dew.

The harsh winter landscapes give way to renewal and vitality, it is time to rethink the decoration of your retail spaces & window displays and to illuminate your points of sale after the traditional and intensive spring cleaning. Perhaps you have already rethought the layout of your window which will either be more open to the interior of your store, or a real enchanting alcove in order to transport the audience into an enigmatic microcosm borrowed from the imagination.

To illustrate spring, you will find within this collection a host of farm animatronic animals to recreate the joyful & lively appearance of the barnyard. Hens, roosters, chicks, pigs, sheep, cows and their young will take place in your shops decoration or your themed events to create extraordinary animated decors, rustic, charming & invigorating decorative scenographies.

Other sets of animatronic characters will allow you to promote radiant nature and bring a resplendent spring freshness to your window displays. Our forest animals will give rise to majestic compositions. Construction of an enchanted clearing or a more untamed undergrowth where our deer, foxes, wolves, hedgehogs, raccoons, wild boars, otters, hares and their newborns will superbly liven up the scene.

To celebrate Easter in your stores, our different series of Easter bunnies will transport customers into a colorful & delicious world dedicated to childhood. Our little rodent bandits, marmots, mice and squirrels, will come and refine your storefront with their mischievous and endearing little air. Traditional Easter eggs and other chocolate treats will be featured in many models, helping to promote the catering professions, bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers and promote their know-how.


Invite summer & animate your window displays or events with animatronics : a relaxing vacation in the garden, a dip by the sea & a trip to the Amazon jungle or the African savannah

The high summer season marks the departure for the summer holidays ! Theme & amusement parks, zoos, tourist sites and seaside resorts are filling with families looking for new places of discovery & entertainment. It is also the great season for concerts, music festivals and themed events, national holidays in many countries, renowned fairs and exhibitions, village festivals with balls and fireworks in support and markets enchanting nights & days.

Whether vacationers travel for weekends or for long stays during the months of July and August, the budget allocated to leisure and small pleasures is increased for many households during the summer holidays. There is only one condition: to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for a new breath of freedom, to be transported, to feel disorientated and charmed to indulge in the pleasure of tasting new sensations and unique flavors.

Our collections of animatronics dedicated to the summer season will help you create truly immersive animated scenes to attract summer visitors. Our mechanical animals are extraordinary visual attractions that will amaze and delight tourists and pedestrians on the main tourist streets of your city.

Seaside or spa resorts, tourist offices, hotel and catering professions, entertainment venues, casinos, clothing stores and local producers must stand out to capture the attention of a new public in front of their brands, where competition rages during the summer tourist season.

Our animatronics will be fantastic marketing and visual merchandising tools to differentiate you from your competitors and generate traffic. We have developed numerous thematic collections that will allow you to stage superb animated window displays on themes that inspire walkers and vacationers, reminding them of sweet memories of past vacations or future travel plans.

Several ideas for major summer store window themes or themed events are available to you:

  • Holidays by the Sea : sun, sand, shells and crustaceans with our summer beach holidays bear animatronics in swimming clothes and sunglasses, with their buoys, their tools to build beautiful sand castles, on a deckchair with a drink in hand, disguised as sailors, surfers as well as our extraordinary orchestra of Hawaiian bears or joyful brass or jazz band.

  • Safari in Africa : with the help of our large wild animatronic animals and our savannah beasts.

  • Jungle or Tropical : with our fabulous exotic animatronic animals from Asia and the Amazonian equatorial jungle.

  • Sweet Garden : for vacationers looking for peace and quiet, our gardening animatronic animals who relax and cultivate their homes in a green cocoon.