After sales service

Animated figures are complex products that require great care in both operation and storage. For optimal long-term use, mechanical overhauls are recommended. Theoretical regularity of overhauls is proportional to the length of time the machine has been in use. Every year our technicians carry out mechanical overhauls both for our rental machines and for customers who have purchased our products.

To optimise the investment in this animated marketing tool, it is sometimes wise to change the appearance of the animatronic figures: costumes, plush, accessories... We can assist you in making these changes.

A thorough cleaning or a replacement of the plush can be done by us if needed.

The Atelier Michel Taillis is committed to assisting its customers with the servicing of their automata. Technical problems, maintenance or projects, our after-sales service teams are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to send us photographs and videos for a better treatment of your request.

To contact us : 

+33 (0) 2 35 32 69 54