Creation of custom animatronic figures

Custom Projects

Animate Factory specializes in custom project creation, whether it's for plush toys, mannequins, or fabric models.

With the capacity to create between 1 and 4 movements, or more if desired, we also offer the option to synchronize animatronic figures, add sound and light effects for a guaranteed immersive experience!

Vaux-le-Vicomte castel

Custom animated showcase

Visual Merchandising and Storefronts Animated

As experts in animated marketing and visual merchandising, we conceive, execute, install, and fully maintain your animated storefronts. Our expertise spans all aspects, from design to long-term maintenance.

Innovative Storefronts

Our expertise extends to designing and manufacturing innovative animatronic figures to bring life to your storefronts, with features such as hot air balloon movement, conveyor belts to display your products, and much more.

Whether you need small, large, or very large batches of custom animatronic figures, we can manufacture and deliver them worldwide.

Custom-made animated scene on the theme of The Nutcracker

Custom-made animated mannequin for the Heurgon store

Animated Mannequins

To breathe life into your collections and add captivating movement to your clothing, choose our animated mannequins. Their realistic movements will provide a unique visual experience for passersby.

Contact us today to discuss your custom project needs for storefronts, visual merchandising, and custom animatronic figures.

We're ready to bring your most creative ideas to life.

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