Halloween & Fantastic Rental Animatronics

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€78.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 40cm
L. 25cm
P. 25cm
  • Rental


€150.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 165cm
L. 125cm
P. 125cm
  • Rental


€263.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 170cm
L. 60cm
P. 60cm
  • Rental


€263.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 155cm
L. 60cm
P. 70cm
  • Rental


€263.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 185cm
L. 80cm
P. 70cm
  • Rental


€139.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 120cm
L. 150cm
P. 120cm
  • Rental
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Create splendid animated windows and event decorations on the themes of Halloween, fairy tales, myths & legends


Rent your animatronics for the Halloween season to create a focal point within your store windows or themed events

We offer our Halloween window displays animatronics for a rental period of 3 weeks.

An original way to present your fall products by incorporating an animated decorative element that will catch the attention of passersby. Entirely focus on customers by opting for an implementation strategy that is as magical as it is frightening, like an interactive scenery.

Our animatronic characters generate engagement with visitors, they will create an attractive focal point within a busy street and will transfer attention to your brand's products, inviting customers to discover a unique offer within your store.

For Halloween, we suggest you create a real cabinet of curiosities where witches, skeletons, ghosts and strange creatures will enliven your storefront. You can also use our bears dressed in their costumes to celebrate the traditional trick-or-treat candy hunt more cheerfully. To bring an atmosphere of terror to your store, the gray wolves, the black cat and our witch preparing a magic potion will represent in a fun way the dark and horrific character of this carnival celebration.

Our unique masterpieces are handmade in France and are meant to be timeless. Their lifelike movements are deeply experiential and sensory, the best showcase in order to make an efficient visual merchandising. An extraordinary animation for adults and children, a real call to action for your customers and a full-fledged attraction for pedestrians which will also encourage the curious to share on social networks.


The imagination of fairy tales, myths and legends to make young and old dream : seduce passersby & transform them into customers

Fairy tales and legends are transmitted universally through children's literature and fantasy films. The vision of the marvelous immerse adults into memories of their childhood, sweet evening readings, and children into a world of joy and fun.

Introducing a window display or an immersive event experience on the theme of wonderful and fantastic narratives has quite naturally become a must-have when it comes to decorating the brands storefronts.

Cultural shops, toys stores, florists, ready-to-wear stores, perfumeries, bookstores, catering trades (...) There are many commercial and artisanal points of sale using the theme of fairy tales and legends to awaken the senses and offer a little magic for visitors.

Thanks to our animated figures, you will add a moving decorative element that will magnify your brand awareness. An even more fanciful vision that will bring joy to your customers even before they walk through your door.

Our enchanted and mythical animals such as our swan, our sumptuous pegasus, our white wolves or our white cervids will contrast with the traditional decors of your competitors. You can also create a sublime scene of life in a magical forest where live clever frogs and curious little woodland goblins with a reassuring and friendly appearance.

Our orchestra of forest animals will alone constitute a large-scale animated decoration which will leave a masterful emotional imprint on the spectators who have had the chance to see them move in space. Many restaurateurs, themed event organizers, hotels and decorators have already used our wonderful animatronic musicians to dazzle the public during the autumn and winter period.