Realistic Animatronic Animals Collection for window displays

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Westie Dog

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Our realistic animatronic animals : timeless & extraordinary stuffed animal's animated decorations


Creating visually appealing window displays to showcase your brand image and your retail placement involves using strategies & much specific visual merchandising tools. Pre-planning, furnitures selection, lighting tones, color or location choices, and display are all levers for visual merchandisers and brands artistic director decorators to create unique & remarkable storefronts for the customer audience.

A passerby typically spends only about ten seconds scanning shop window. Now more than ever, your brand needs to stand out with the customer-centric approach & an immersive experience. Your decoration offer should be contemporary and not focused exclusively on highlighting retail products but also and mostly on the needs and desires of consumers. Your window displays scenography should instantly capture the attention of passersby and arouse their curiosity.


Adding depth, rhythm & creating a real spectacle in your stores setting window displays

Our realistic animatronic animals are among the most amazing historical animated decorations tools to generate foot traffic in front of store windows. They convey a big & common affection compared to simple displays, billboards, or digital screens. The discovery of their presence immediately evokes emotion and a full wonder, both in children and in the responsible shopper adult. These sensory hosts allud positive, marvelous & precious subjective feelings to your visitors.

The animation generated by the movements of our realistic animatronic plush animals will bring dynamism around your products and allow the viewer to take a suspended moment to contemplate every detail of your window display. Your storefront scenography will become your best asset to draw attention, and our animatronic characters, the best warm & endearing hosts that gently invite passersby to visit your store, discover your selling products, and make their purchases.


Telling stories & creating emotions: realistic animals in the collective imaginary world

Building a storefront scenography requires focusing on the main stereotypes that drive the common needs and desires of all sort of customers. The creation of your decorative scene must transport the audience to awaken a hedonistic feeling in the consumer. The realization of your decor has the first objective of "creating desire" through an immersive experience that will appeal to the widest range of targets, convert them into buyers, and foster loyalty.

The plush animal is representative of the collective imagination & entire serve your brand marketing image as it recalls sweet memories of childhood. It is a life companion, the first confidant, the one who comforts the child confronted to the fear or terror emotions. It is also an emotional engine like a pet, a transitional object that collects love & attention like mum or dad figures and redistributes them in return.

The regressive figure of the reassuring & soothing animal is timeless and touches the audience in the heart. Its curved shapes, soft fur, and round eyes leave no one indifferent. As devoted as endearing, the childhood cuddly toy is often represented by the animal figure, especially the bear. Emblematic of the inseparable & unwavering friend of the little ones, the "teddy bear" thus retains a special place in the hearts of adults who retain retain a sense of childlike wonder alive. At the sight of this evocative sensory friend, the immersion is total. A whole personal and cuddly story that springs back and irresistibly exalts a magical sensation associated with zest for life.

Whether taking the form of a rabbit, bear, mouse, or lion, the soft toy animal welcomes families of all generations and cultures with open arms. The sudden and striking gift of a generous, secure & stimulating universe. All in all & to conclude, a wonderful way to make your spectators' eyes shine throughout the seasons.


Nature & its wildlife : an infinite source for unlimited thematic & seasonal scenes

Our realistic animatronic animals can be staged in many ways, for all occasions & themed events. For example, an exotic or wild animatronic animal can participate in a summer decoration or take center stage in a brillant & prolific Christmas window display scene that invites viewers to dream and escape to distant and colorful & contrasted lands in the middle of winter.

A deer will also find its place in many themes: spring or autumn forest setting, fairy tale world or holiday season.

Birds as their part will allow you to bring more verticality and give a new dimension to your window displays

As for groungehogs, squirrels, mice & other rodents, their mischievous look will contribute to introducing cheerfulness and enjoyment for all. Staging these little roguish animals by dispersing them around your products will lead viewers to construct a real recreational visual narrative where pilferer animals try to procure the wonders  highlighted retail goods in your decor.

The permanence of nature throughout the seasons is an excellent way to take passerby on a journey and suspend time in the hearts of both young and old. The storefront directing on the theme of the environment, its fauna & flora, is a classic revisited every year by all types of brands, malls or companies, entertainment venues, and amusement parks. It is no coincidence that many big chains have chosen the figure of the animal to create their brand image and design their logo.


Does one of our animatronic animals inspire you? Contact us by email or phone.

We will welcome you in the best conditions, entirely digitally or in our workshop depending on your needs and location. We fulfill all types of custom creation requests and assist many brands and visual merchandisers in the design and customization of realistic mascots with diversified movements and technical specificities. Our workshop also produces on-demand exclusive clothing items & personalized accessories, allowing you to continuously stage your big animated mechanical plushed animal in various situations, specific themes & seasons.