• Frog opera diva Animatronic for musical events & exhibitions
  • Frog opera diva Animatronic for musical events & exhibitions
Frog opera diva Animatronic for musical events & exhibitions
Height 190cm
Width 60cm
Depth 60cm
Movements 2
Reference 23765
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Frog opera singer

Our Frog animatronic Diva completes the orchestra of Florentine Renaissance style musicians. An extraordinary masterpiece composed of a hand-made cartalana papier mâché frog head and an exceptional Venetian draped dress.

The prima donna of our orchestra is at the crossroads of the artistic movements of the Italian Renaissance & Baroque art. She masterfully takes center stage!

The preciousness & extravagance of our amphibian have no equal, a true celebration of flamboyant feminine beauty. Adorned in her sumptuous Venetian satiny dress with a ruffled collar, ornamented with embroidery, lace & floral pattern, our exceptional singer enchants the passersby with her lyrical songs and her divine monody.

She prepared for a long time and never stopped practicing, warming up her extraordinary voice to the rhythm of her celestial ranges. With her refined & corseted slender stature as well as her fluid and fascinating gestures, our soprano will attract all eyes, tirelessly marveling audience, hypnotized by her delicacy movements.

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Quality materials

Made from high-quality materials, this decorative animated figure is reliable and resistant. It's designed to stand a prolonged use, so you can enjoy it for many seasons to come.

Easy to use

The animated figures is easy to set up and use.

You just have to install it into your display window and plug it in. It's now ready to impress passers-by with the emotional impact it creates and the fluidity of its movements.


North America and South America, Asia, Australia, all Europe

Made in France