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€150.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 165cm
L. 125cm
P. 125cm
  • Rental

Bison 160 cm

€800.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 160cm
L. 85cm
P. 241cm
  • Rental


€139.00 incl. taxes / week
H. 120cm
L. 150cm
P. 120cm
  • Rental
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Decorate your seasonnal window displays, exhibitions or themed events with large animatronics & animated sceneries


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Capturing the attention of passersby and generating sales in areas and commercial streets where many brands are concentrated requires distinguishing yourself from the competition and inviting customers to live a truly immersive purchasing experience, conducive to discovery.

To fascinate crowds over a large area, an attractive and creative display of window decoration is required. On the one hand to convey a strong and long-lasting brand image, on the other hand to intrigue customers and attract more potential customers to your point of sale.

This category lists our catalog of life-sized animatronic characters and our ready-to-use scenographies, available for rental in France & Belgium.

Our animatronics are more than just animated decorations; These are artistic creations made by hand in France which bring a warm and magical atmosphere, which intrigue and make families dream. They certainly contrast with traditional static decorations. These moving animals are eye-catching visual elements that are much more efficient and impactful than the screens and billboards scattered excessively throughout the shopping landscape.

Designed with exceptional attention to detail and capturing the grace and beauty of wildlife in fluid, lifelike movements, they arouse amazement and delight viewers. Evoking nostalgic memories for adults and wonderfully impressive for children !

Whatever the events or the season, our mechanical animals will represent the joy of the holidays and will adorn your sign with authenticity, charm and prestige.

  • Our large animatronics measuring 1.50 meters and more : By choosing one or more big animatronic animals of a sufficiently large size and arranging them strategically in your window decoration, you can guarantee that they will be visible over a large area. Their distinctive shapes, soft satin coats and movements make them easily recognizable, fascinating and endearing, even from a distance. We offer you life-size exotic and tropical animals, impressive polar bears, musician animatronics composing orchestras or incredible bears and acrobatic animals in pairs on all annual themes which generate a significant increase in turnover at within businesses and establishments open to the public.

  • Our pyramids of bear or bunnies animatronics : on the themes of Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day, our pyramids of bears, teddy bears or rabbits are a huge success with sales professionals, event organizers & agencies, decorators and even TV show sets. The verticality of these masterpieces literally impresses the audience, delighting customers and Internet users on social networks. A wonderful way to promote your brand and make your window scenography an attraction in its own right.

  • Our animatronic sceneries : we provide you with ready-to-use scenes for rental on the themes of Christmas, winter, spring and the forest to create effective festive decorations that are easy to install around your products available for sale or your reception areas. Santa Claus and his sleigh, deer and does in natural or more enchanting tones, sheep and lambs from the Easter farm and many others to come depending on our availability and seasonality.


Every year, we create new, ever more impressive collections and scenographies available for sale and rental. Whether you're looking for a simple or a more elaborate animated scenery, our animal animatronics, animatronic characters and animated decorations are available in a variety of sizes, styles. Specific customization and accessorization options to meet your specific needs and bring your desires to life.


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